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young and foolish.

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two steps towards make believe ★

dani: XXI forever. jamaican, born and grown. hopeless romantic. mature beyond her years, but still quite young, with still much to learn.

music: coldplay, aqualung, tegan and sara, damien rice, stars, jack johnson, adele, imogen heap, lady gaga.
movies: alice in wonderland, amelie, breakfast at tiffany's, the devil wears prada, enchanted, fight club, marie antoinette, the princess bride, slumdog millionaire, wanted.
books: bee season, eat pray love, a tree grows in brooklyn, lolita, jane eyre, angela's ashes, me talk pretty one day, his dark materials, hp series.
<3: retail therapy, photography, sleep, cuddling, music, fashion, pretty things, will & grace, gossip girl, glee, house md, 90210, skins, blair waldorf, leighton meester, feeling inspired, fantastic kissing, lazy sundays.
</3: haters.

this journal chronicles the story of my life. if you don't want to read about it, then don't add. truth be told, i'm a nice person. a really nice person. but take that for granted, and you will never use the word "nice" to describe me.

i am the emanuela de paula of livejournal.
coup de foudre.

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